APRS symbols

The following APRS symbols is currently supported. Please note that the description of each symbol is based on a combination of the version 1.1 spec. and the version 1.2 spec. from www.aprs.org (and on usages that we have found to be common).

In this list we include all primary symbols, all default alternate symbols, all overlayed alternate symbols that has a specified description and all overlayed alternate symbols that is used by some station.

C1 T2 Type Icon Description Stations3
~ \ Alternate Symbol ~\ TNC Stream Switch 0

  1. Symbol Code (the character found after the longitude in the APRS packet)
  2. Symbol Table ID (the character found between the latitude and longitude in the APRS packet)
  3. Number of stations/objects using this symbol the latest 24 hours (if station/object use several symbols only the latest used counts)
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