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  ID Registration CN Latest heard Aircraft Model Map
Shelter 000000 OK-7777 KN   HPH 304CZ-17  
Shelter 000000 OK-7777 KN   HPH 304CZ-17  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 00900D ZS-GBK Z9   JS-1 C21  
Small Aircraft 014312 OKUUO15   Skylane Airlony  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 01663C FFVP003 F03   Different Aircraft  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 035E35 CC-TR4 TR4   UFO  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 036A01 CC-KWG WG 1544731315 Cessna 172 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 03885C OK-0771 L   OldTimer  
Glider 046758 Grich67 1   Paraglider  
Small Aircraft 053816 HADAS DAS 1544796715 DV20 Katana Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 072000 CC-KWJ WJ   Cessna 182  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 0D8770 D-8770 70   Ka-6 cr  
Igate (Generic) 0EA45D Indy2 XC2   Paraglider  
Glider 0EA45D Indy2 XC2 1544800021 Paraglider Map
Small Aircraft 0F8A31 OKRUL96 L96   Ultralight  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 10EB2E ZSGBB ZB 1544796063 JS-1 C18 Evo Map
Glider 110010 35314   Paraglider  
Glider 11001F Paul PN   Paraglider  
Glider 110065 CH46795 BeK   Paraglider  
Glider 110071 5385 SS   Paraglider  
Glider 1100C0 RUE RUE   Paraglider  
Glider 1100F9 ORLO ORL   Paraglider  
Glider 11012E 53841 SAS   Paraglider  
Glider 11012E 53841 SAS   Paraglider  
Glider 110136 CH45095 SyB   Paraglider  
Glider 11018A 39426 N_S   Paraglider  
Glider 110196 M.S   Paraglider  
Glider 1101C8 JuMu   Paraglider  
Glider 110278 fiaskog Kai   Paraglider  
Glider 1102A6 tvo tvo   Paraglider  
Glider 110315 FuFritz 488   Paraglider  
Glider 110315 FuFritz 488   Paraglider  
Glider 110330 DNSLA   Paraglider  
Glider 110338 DG0606 PCS   Paraglider  
Glider 110353 CH45116 IrB   Paraglider  
Glider 110353 CH45116 IrB   Paraglider  
Glider 11046D Lewi   Paraglider  
Glider 11046D Lewi   Paraglider  
Glider 1104BD CH54691 RoC   Paraglider  
Glider 110513 UDO   Paraglider  
Glider 110519 ASK   Paraglider  
Glider 110528 Michael MB   Paraglider  
Glider 110529 CH56330   Paraglider  
Glider 110579 TOMOTTI   Paraglider  
Glider 110579 TOMOTTI 1544793291 Paraglider Map
Glider 1105C1 38815 I2D   Paraglider  
Glider 1105C1 38815 I2D   Paraglider  
Glider 1105F8 JanPiu PIJ   Paraglider  
Glider 110679   Paraglider  
Glider 110679   Paraglider  
Glider 1106E5 Artur B aba   Paraglider  
Glider 1106F8 TT TT   Paraglider  
Glider 1106FD Boom   Paraglider  
Glider 110702 MafrSt   Paraglider  
Glider 110732 D-NWOP WOP   Paraglider  
Glider 110778 42104 ChB   Paraglider  
Glider 110785 OE-6674 674   Paraglider  
Glider 110872   HangGlider  
Glider 11092D HL HL   Paraglider  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 122F5D OKWUS20   Ultralight  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 123456 OM-3515 OSA   VSO-10  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 132528 PETRA-D UAV   Drone/UAV  
Aircraft (D = Drone) 160013 INV INV   Ground Station  
Aircraft (D = Drone) 160019 SUI9926 S2A   Drone/UAV  
Aircraft (D = Drone) 16002F SUI9926 S2B   Drone/UAV  
Small Aircraft 178A10 OKVUO01   Skylane Airlony  
Small Aircraft 189B11 HA-SJF HJF   Cessna 172  
Small Aircraft 191612 OM-YRA 526   Z-226 trener  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 193D0D 4293 JPS   Cirrus Std  
Small Aircraft 19510C HA-BEZ HEZ   PA-28  
Small Aircraft 19803D OKQUA08 BLO   Ultralight  
Small Aircraft 19BD4D HA-JDE TOW   MS-893 Commodore  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 1A1C3D TOW   Towplane  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 1A543B HA-IGS   Cessna 152  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 1A5A06 CC-KWR WR   Cessna 150  
Small Aircraft 1A5E08 OM-LKG L60   Yak-12  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 1AB111 OKSUF57   Ultralight  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 1B4F4F OK-4522 J7   VSO-10  
Glider 1B545D 08-54 PKW   HangGlider  
Small Aircraft 1BA639 OKTUT33 T33   Samba XXL  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 1C4230 CC-TR27 R27   UFO  
Small Aircraft 1CB87E OM-LLV LLV   Z-226 trener  
Small Aircraft 1D3F39 HA-TEF TEF 1544796029 Tecnam P2002 JF Map
Small Aircraft 1D5E28 7-204 FOX   EuroFox  
Small Aircraft 1F3D2A HA-VOH VOH 1544798717 Tecnam P2002 JF Map
Red Triangle 1F4B09 viewAir .eu 1544805213 Ground Station Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 200000 CC-AGN GN   Ventus 2cxT  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 20A808 OK-6839 839   Blanik  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 20CA62 HA-NTD   Cessna 152  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 20E97D OK-8205   Blanik  
Red Triangle 213456 CC-RPT1 RP1   UFO  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 216E5D OK 4720 TF   Blanik  
Aircraft (J = JET) 222222 D-5957   LAK-17 A  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 22244E OK-5349 49   Bergfalke III  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 223865 OK-2708 LC1   Blanik  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 225157 CC-TR20 T20   UFO  
Small Aircraft 23B157 HA-JOC   DV20 Katana  
Small Aircraft 243F71 OH-YHS YHS   PIK-15 Hinu  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 24623D OM-8517 72   VSO-10  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 252C22 OKDUA05 A05   Ultralight  
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) 25345D OK-DRB DRB   Z-226 trener  
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