Currently active aircrafts

The following aircrafts has been active during the latest 15 minutes.

  ID Registration CN Latest heard Aircraft Model Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) OGN05AF09 TEST-7 TST 1611270563 Ground Station Map
Glider FLR2006AC DRONE 1611270593 Drone/UAV Map
Aircraft (D = Drone) OGN25246A DUMMY0 XXX 1611270591 Drone/UAV Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) OGN26B053 TR-29 29 1611270592 Ground Station Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) OGN309906 HA-BEH 1611270593 Cessna 152 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) OGN395004 STM32 MET 1611270604 Ground Station Map
Helicopter ICA3DF745 D-HNWV POL 1611270593 BK 117 Map
Small Aircraft OGN640220 Reavis 053 1611270364 Paraglider Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLR6643A0 D-KNK1 K1 1611270601 ASG-29 Map
Glider OGN6ACF71 EPKE4 1611270603 Ultralight Map
Glider FNT6ACF71 EPKE4 1611270576 Ultralight Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) ICAA20F17 N234NM NM 1611270179 ASK-23 Map
Aircraft (D = Drone) FLRB94398 B4398 1611270318 Drone/UAV Map
Helicopter FLRD005C7 D-HDRF DRF 1611270588 BK 117 Map
Red Triangle FLRD0077D TWR TWR 1611270597 Ground Station Map
Helicopter FLRDD0539 D-HDSH DRF 1611270602 Helicopter Map
Helicopter FLRDD0B2A D-HVBS POL 1611270590 EC 135 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDD5319 ZK-GGR GGR 1611270402 DG-1000 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDB3A0 VH-GBW BW 1611270168 ASK-21 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) FLRDDB6BD VH-FBI FBI 1611270457 PA-25 Pawnee Map
Balloon FLRDE007A Test 1611270405 Ground Station Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDF0327 VH-GTS GTS 1611270591 Stemme S-10 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) OGNEE8C11 LV-DLB 1611270528 Blanik Map
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