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The following aircrafts has been active during the latest 15 minutes.

  ID Registration CN Latest heard Aircraft Model Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) FLR24E2C4 LBDR 1586238692 Ground Station Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) OGN2C4B07 TataT1 TT1 1586238703 Unknown Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) OGN3A1F24 HA-TUP HUP 1586238704 PA-28 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) OGN3B223D HA-TUR HUR 1586238704 PA-28 Map
Helicopter ICA3DD7B4 D-HBYA ADA 1586238695 EC 135 Map
Shelter OGN3FAC30 SERWIS1 1586238701 Ground Station Map
Glider OGN430844 430844 844 1586238700 Paraglider Map
Glider OGN430845 430845 845 1586238693 Paraglider Map
Glider OGN430852 430852 852 1586238690 Paraglider Map
Helicopter ICA48FDC0 SP-XBOA 1586238650 Gyrocopter Map
Helicopter ICA48FE43 SP-XZTD 1586238670 Gyrocopter Map
Helicopter ICA4B4251 HB-ZCZ AGL 1586237970 AS 350 Map
Red Triangle FLRD0077D TWR TWR 1586238688 Ground Station Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDD9B94 GRA 1586238691 Ground Station Map
Small Aircraft OGNDDD224 SP-ZBOA 1586238698 Ultralight Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) PAWF54118 PAW PAW 1586238705 Ground Station Map
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