Currently active aircrafts

The following aircrafts has been active during the latest 15 minutes.

  ID Registration CN Latest heard Aircraft Model Map
Aircraft (D = Drone) ICA009844 Matter MNT 1632723218 Drone/UAV Map
Aircraft (D = Drone) OGN02A9CB TEST4A 1632723216 Drone/UAV Map
Shelter FNT08A689 Bus_van 1 1632723206 Ground Station Map
Small Aircraft OGN2EC11C SP-GBI 1632723202 Ultralight Map
Helicopter ICA300734 I-EKOS 1632722480 AS 350 Map
Small Aircraft OGN359F1E HANAE HAE 1632723208 Ultralight Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) OGN395004 STM32 MET 1632723154 Ground Station Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) ICA3D6F6A D-FOLE AXL 1632722608 Cessna 208 Map
Helicopter ICA3DD2B2 D-HAAS 1632723212 AS 350 Map
Helicopter ICA3DD7BB D-HBYH ADA 1632723192 EC 135 Map
Helicopter ICA3E0965 D-HUTH ADA 1632723149 EC 135 Map
Helicopter ICA3E120D D-HYAN ADA 1632723000 BK 117 Map
Helicopter ICA44030E OE-XIE HAU 1632723164 AS 350 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) ICA4B1A99 HB-KBX 1632723042 DR-400 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) ICA4B292F HB-PPN 1632723218 PA-28 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) ICA4B302F HBSGL 1632723202 DV20 Katana Map
Helicopter ICA4B433E HB-ZMC SWH 1632723219 AS 350 Map
Helicopter ICA4B4358 HB-ZNC HLI 1632723108 AS 350 Map
Helicopter ICA4B435D HB-ZNH SWH 1632723210 AS 350 Map
Helicopter ICA4B435E HB-ZNI SWH 1632723062 AS 350 Map
Helicopter ICA4B4366 HB-ZNQ SWH 1632723064 AS 350 Map
Helicopter ICA4B438B HB-ZPB AZE 1632723193 AS 350 Map
Helicopter ICA4B43CB HB-ZRN RGA 1632722535 A 109 Map
Helicopter ICA4B444F HB-ZWP CHC 1632723065 Robinson R22 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) ICA4B4B04 HB-1629 1632723216 ASK-21 Map
Glider XCG640220 Reavis 053 1632723203 Paraglider Map
Shelter ICA7CFC38 KSC 1632723212 Unknown Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) FLRD004B0 F-BSDB DB 1632723218 Rallye 180T-D Map
Red Triangle FLRD0077D TWR TWR 1632723203 Ground Station Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRD008F2 SP- AB4 1632723208 Unknown Map
Helicopter FLRDD0577 D-HDSJ DRF 1632723219 BK 117 Map
Helicopter FLRDD0C2B F-ZBPV FSC 1632723205 BK 117 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDD8D7F F-CBLN MA 1632723206 Marianne Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDD8E0C VH-GPF 1632723199 Twin Astir II Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDD8E5A D-8648 48 1632723219 ASK-13 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDD9B94 GRA 1632723215 Ground Station Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDB3BD VH-GER 1632723213 DG-505 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDB3BF VH-IUN 1632723213 Discus Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDB3C7 F-CFVD SC 1632723049 DG-400 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDB4B0 VH-ZJN JN 1632723201 Discus 2cT Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDD548 OO-ZBU BU 1632723220 Ka-8 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) FLRDDDD7D HA-MJA MJA 1632723214 PA-25 Pawnee Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDE49D VH-GCI GCI 1632723210 ASK-21 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDFACE VH-UKI UKI 1632723045 ASW-20 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDF03E4 VH-GNX 1632723208 Arcus M Map
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