Currently active aircrafts

The following aircrafts has been active during the latest 15 minutes.

  ID Registration CN Latest heard Aircraft Model Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) OGN05AF09 TEST-7 TST 1623736212 Ground Station Map
Small Aircraft OGN072537 OKKUU61 U61 1623736328 WT9 Dynamic Map
Shelter FNT08A689 Bus 1 1623736329 Ground Station Map
Glider FNT1103ED D-MDAR ND 1623736342 Paraglider Map
Glider FLR1103ED D-MDAR ND 1623736339 Paraglider Map
Glider FNT1120B9 OE-6669 1623735708 Paraglider Map
Small Aircraft OGN134434 OKCUR19 1623735939 P 220 Koala Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) OGN196D0A OK-7531 60 1623736329 VSO-10 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) PAW385254 F-BUSU 1623736331 DR-400 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) ICA3934F9 F-GNHZ 1623736331 TB-9 Tampico Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) ICA3961AD F-GYNN 1623736332 PA-28 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) OGN3C4F4B HA-BEY HEY 1623736339 PA-28 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) ICA3D0667 D-EARF RF 1623736337 DR-400 Map
Helicopter ICA3DDB66 D-HDIK 1623736341 Robinson R44 Map
Helicopter ICA3DDC52 D-HDRM DRF 1623736236 EC 135 Map
Helicopter ICA3DDC53 D-HDRN DRF 1623736330 EC 135 Map
Helicopter ICA3DDC56 D-HDRQ DRF 1623735639 EC 135 Map
Helicopter ICA3DE4F5 D-HGYN ADA 1623736335 Helicopter Map
Helicopter ICA3DEBF1 D-HJPH 1623736262 Robinson R44 Map
Helicopter ICA3E0965 D-HUTH ADA 1623736337 EC 135 Map
Helicopter ICA3E0F90 D-HXCA ADA 1623736237 EC 135 Map
Helicopter ICA3E120A D-HYAK ADA 1623736335 Helicopter Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) OGN3FC859 OKVUA06 A06 1623736341 Motorplane Map
Helicopter ICA440271 OE-XBF HTM 1623736257 AS 350 Map
Helicopter ICA44030E OE-XIE HAU 1623736210 AS 350 Map
Small Aircraft ICA485210 PH-KBC KBC 1623736343 Ultralight Map
Helicopter ICA48FC80 SP-XEEA 1623736337 Gyrocopter Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) ICA4B06F4 HB-CQM CQM 1623736331 Cessna 172 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) ICA4B1AAE HB-KCS 1623735975 DR-400 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) ICA4B1B92 HB-KLM 1623736331 DR-400 Map
Helicopter ICA4B4338 HB-ZLW AZE 1623736237 AS 350 Map
Helicopter ICA4B4358 HB-ZNC HLI 1623736343 AS 350 Map
Helicopter ICA4B4388 HB-ZOY AZE 1623736306 AS 350 Map
Helicopter ICA4B43D0 HB-ZRS RGA 1623736332 A 109 Map
Helicopter ICA4B43D1 HB-ZRT RGA 1623735622 A 109 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) ICA4B4AB9 HB-1554 1623736329 ASK-21 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) OGN5AC4C4 SP-UTB UTB 1623736316 Zlin 242 Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) OGN5DEF43 HA-BDY BDY 1623736327 Cessna 172 Map
Glider XCG6402B9 TG 9bc 1623736344 Paraglider Map
Small Aircraft FLR6AC809 OKKUU62 U62 1623736343 WT9 Dynamic Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) ICAC818E1 ZK-GBC BC 1623736168 DG-300 Map
Helicopter FLRD001E2 VXS VXS 1623736334 Helicopter Map
Red Triangle FLRD0077D TWR TWR 1623736332 Ground Station Map
Helicopter FLRDD0C12 D-HDSQ DRF 1623736341 BK 117 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDD8379 D3279 79 1623736337 Astir CS Map
Aircraft (P = Propeller) FLRDD9307 D-EGOM 1623736335 Cessna 182 Map
Small Aircraft FLRDDAEE7 F-JPAB 1623735625 Lambada Map
Small Aircraft FLRDDC3DE OE-7127 1623736335 WT9 Dynamic Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDD454 OY-XPA PA 1623736334 SZD-51 Junior Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDD897 BMY 1623736306 Pegase Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDE49D VH-GCI GCI 1623735832 ASK-21 Map
Aircraft (G = Glider aircraft) FLRDDEA28 IPF 1623736314 Unknown Map
Helicopter FLRDDFB49 HB-ZSF RFU 1623736334 Robinson R66 Map
Balloon FLRDE007A Test 1623736339 Ground Station Map
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