This is the latest recevied packets stored in our database for station/object ICA006789. If no packets are shown the sender has not sent any packets the latest 24 hours.

We do not save raw packets for aircrafts that do not exists in the OGN Devices DataBase. We will only display information that can be used to identify an aircraft if the aircraft device details exists in the OGN Devices DataBase, and if the setting "I don't want this device to be identified" is deactivated.

1642923595: ICA006789>OGFLR,qAS,FAWN:/073954h3346.24S\01844.46E^175/001/A=000404 !W00! id21006789 -019fpm -2.9rot 28.0dB -9.7kHz gps1x2

1642923611: ICA006789>OGFLR,qAS,FAWN:/074010h3346.24S\01844.46E^162/001/A=000404 !W77! id21006789 +020fpm +0.0rot 42.5dB -6.7kHz gps1x2

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