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Alto 912 TG
Latest Packet:
Unknown Packet
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Latest Status:
150245h h02 v01 8sat/1/39dB 409m 0.0hPa +14.9degC 52.0% 6.28V 19/-127.5dBm 0/min
Receive Time:
(Received in latest packet)
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  1. We receive all packets from the Open Glider Network. The goal of the Open Glider Network project is to create a unified platform for tracking aircraft equipped with FLARM and OGN trackers.
  2. Aircraft device details such as Registration, CN and Aircraft Model is collected from the OGN Devices DataBase. We will only display information that can be used to identify an aircraft if the aircraft device details exists in the OGN Devices DataBase, and if the setting "I don't want this device to be identified" is deactivated.
  3. We primarily get information about aircraft type from the OGN Devices DataBase, if the aircraft is not registered in the OGN Devices DataBase or if the aircraft does not want to be identified, the aircraft type indicated in the FLARM/OGN packet is displayed. We also adapt which symbol that is used based on the selected aircraft type.
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