The goal of this website is to present Glider tracking data in a user friendly way. All data published on this website is received from the OGN network (Open Glider Network).

The OGN community project maintains a unified tracking platform for gliders and other GA aircraft. Currently OGN focuses on tracking aircraft equipped with FLARM, FLARM-compatible devices or OGN tracker.

This website is maintained by me Per Qvarforth SM4WJF (I'm a Swedish ham radio operator).

Track Direct

This website uses the product "Track Direct", developed by me. The product "Track Direct" consists of several modules used by tracking websites.

Websites that use "Track Direct"

Contact us

Please feel free to contact me by email: per@aprsdirect.com.

If you have feedback regarding the website functionality or if you have found an error I will do my best to fix it.

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